Keto Lemonade

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Keto flu

Naturally, many of the people in our office are living the Keto Diet life. I stumbled across this Keto Hangover cure, just in time for summer. It has already saved me from tempting drink options at BBQs 4 times, and counting!

We tried it in the office – It was Well Kitchen Approved by the whole team. It quenches your thirst, satisfies your sweet tooth, and it doesn’t hurt that it is cheap and easy to make.

You will notice that some of the ingredients aren’t typical – Yes, you might have to make a store run! We chose these additional ingredients specifically to make a Keto beneficial concoction – You could always leave them out and make normal lemonade.

Depending on your area, you can give these items a google and find them at either a vitamin store, Walmart, or Target. Better yet – If you have prime and no time to grocery shop, snag them on Amazon!


3 g


1.1 G


1.5 G

nutrition facts

servings: 20

Calories 49
Total Fat 3.4g
Saturated Fat 1.5g
Cholesterol 6mg
Sodium 48mg
Total Carbohydrate 1.1g
Dietary Fiber 0.3g
Total Sugars 0.1g
Protein 3g
Calcium 41mg
Potassium 117mg



5 cups water (1 cup hot and 4 cups cold)

3 tablespoons NOW Real Food® Erythritol

¼ teaspoon Himalayan rock salt

½ cup (120 ml) fresh lemon juice

1 teaspoon NOW® Aloe Vera Liquid Concentrate

Ice Cubes

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ready in: 5 minutes

Place hot water in a tall 64 fl oz (1890 ml) glass jug. 

Add the erythritol, salt and stir until dissolved. 

Add remaining ingredients and stir until mixed. 

Divide between 3 glasses, add an ice cube to each.

Tell Becky at the BBQ that you don’t want a soda or that strange vodka mix because the weight you’ve lost recently is from the Keto diet and The Well Kitchen recipes / guides make it easy to stick to. 

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Keto Lemonade
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