30-Day Keto Revolution Challenge

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Hello there!

My name is Hannah Jean, and today I would like to share my story with you.

I am a wife, mother, and masseuse. Since I was 28, people with all types of bodies have been booking appointments with me to relieve stress, pain, and feel better in their own skin. In all my years in this profession, the only person in the room who hasn’t been confident enough to remove their shirt was me… (don’t worry, I would never remove my shirt while giving a message, just trying to make a point).

What’s even more unfortunate, between work and my 4 beautiful daughters, I didn’t even have time to go exercise if I wanted to. Truthfully, the only thing I did have the ability of doing was changing my eating habits. However, after 3 months of eating food I absolutely hated, I was still gaining weight.

Why? Why after so much hard work could I not achieve even a noticeable change?

I spoke with my friend Dean. After my conversation with him, my life changed completely.

He mentioned that most people’s bodies burn sugar, and that I needed to train mine to burn fat. Dean had been on a diet I wasn’t extremely familiar with, Keto, he called it. Then, he proceeded to send me a link to the “Keto Rev Challenge!”.

After scrolling down the website, reading, and learning about what exactly this was – I just couldn’t believe the results people were seeing. 11 pounds lost, 132 pounds lost, and there was even a gentleman who lost weight as well as stopped taking his medication.

We’ve all seen the “instant fix” diets, the “abb shaker machines”, and “weight loss tapeworms”.

This was different. I was inspired, motivated, and the 30-day Keto Revolution plan was extremely affordable I’ve always wanted my body to look different, but this was the first diet that was affordable and adapted to my life.

I bit the bullet, I was ready to change my diet, my body, and my life.

When I first began the challenge, I was extremely nervous for the drastic change I was about to face, until I realized, it wasn’t drastic at all. My first time spent was just prepping for the diet and detoxing my body. This program was preparing my body to go through the diet change smoothly, and cleansing my body of the toxins preventing nutrient absorption.

Keto Revolution even gave me a shopping list and recipe book. It took 30 days and the only agitation I felt during the program was when I realized I could’ve been doing this sooner.

To add icing to the cake, I even had access to a Facebook group full of other people at the same point I was in the diet, even others that were farther along, and Naomi Whittel herself. I was asking questions, gaining motivation, and building excitement!

64 pounds.

That’s how much change I saw. That’s how much this Keto diet works. That’s why they call it a Revolution.

No exercise, no longer than 15 minutes spent in the kitchen cooking these meals, and no hidden fees.

I got more than just some content. I got my life back, my confidence, and my happiness. That’s why I wrote this, so you can feel how I do right now.

Everyone will tell you they have a magic pill or a secret formula to get rid of your fat instantly, but this, unfortunately, just isn’t true.

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