Eat! Stop! Eat!.. What?

Hey everyone! I would like to introduce you to a guest blogger, James Larett, who has an interesting story involving the program Eat Stop Eat.

Normally, we would post this under our reviews, but James’s content was more focused around his story so we thought it was only appropriate to share his story under our blog section! Hope you enjoy Mr. Larett’s Journey as much as we did.

Stop Counting Calories!

Start eating your favorite foods again!

Stop worrying about losing weight!

Start changing WHEN you eat!

My name is James Larett and I’m here to tell you one very important thing. STOP DIETING!

That’s right. Stop going on diets, they are not NATURAL and are damaging to your body.

When you skip entire food groups and decide to limit the number of calories you eat- Your body doesn’t receive the nutrition it needs to THRIVE.

I said thrive for a reason. You can see specific results with a diet, but you will never improve your OVERALL health. By listening to what I’m about to tell you, you can not only lose weight WITHOUT dieting, but you can keep your favorite foods. And STOP worrying about calories.

When I first began dieting I was already working out once a day, for five days a week. I was on a Vegetarian diet and eating almost no food to lose weight. Within a month I managed to shred 7 pounds, which felt pretty good. However, there was one major problem that came up.

I stopped losing weight. My workouts didn’t change, and I felt like I was getting stronger- but I wasn’t leaning my body. The entire purpose of everything I was doing was to LOSE weight.

Then one day at the gym I spoke with a beautiful woman named Macy. Now, before I continue, let me start by saying, this woman was shredded. Macy had achieved 9% body fat at age 39 and had a chiseled six-pack. I asked her how she achieved such a low body fat, and what insane workouts I could do to see similar results.

“Insane workouts?” Macy said. “Oh no, I just do squats and go home to eat pizza.”

Pizza. Yes, you read that right, shredded-six-pack Macy was casually leaving the gym after a nonchalant leg workout. I asked her how she managed to keep her figure the way she did devouring a pizza, and how I couldn’t lose weight eating vegetables.

“Change when you eat. Not what you eat.” She stated.

Macy ended up showing me the strategy she used to get her figure. The Eat Stop Eat guide by Brad Pilon. It talked about the science behind fasting, and told me I could still eat my favorite foods during the process!

Naturally, I jumped on board as fast as I could. On THE NEXT DAY, I had already lost 2 pounds. All I had to do was change WHEN I ate my meals. Not only was I losing weight again, but I was also KEEPING my muscle.

Out of everything I have tried in my ten years of fitness, simply changing when I ate, worked the best.

That’s why I chose to write this. Stop wasting your time, eating specific foods, and counting the calories. Simply- Eat. Stop. Eat.

If you have your best interest in mind, please click the link below and experience the same results I did with just changing when you eat.

Your fellow fitness junkie,

-James Larret


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