Stop Drinking Cold Water

When I saw her drop to the floor, I rushed to help her as fast as I could. The woman had nailed her elbow on the gym’s drinking fountain pretty hard, and was holding onto my shoulder as if she couldn’t stand up. She said the muscles in her thighs were contracting after squats, and that her legs couldn’t even move.

Nothing had helped her, and she mentioned this has been a recurring problem. The woman’s hope was gone, and she didn’t even look like she wanted to be at the gym. However, I had the exact same problem a year before this and managed to fix my muscle contractions. I knew I could help her get up and moving again with just a simple switch.

I couldn’t bare to see her hobble out of the gym, so I walked her to her car. She looked sad, hurt, and distraught. The woman’s name was Cari, and she exchanged info with me after I told her I could help. She didn’t believe me in the slightest, after undergoing pain for so long- she convinced herself nothing could help.

Cari ended up being an extremely nice woman, she had just turned 40 and was going to the gym to lose weight. We were fast friends, and I was excited for her to actually be able to see results from working out again. She had such a difficult time in the past, because during her workouts, her muscles cramped.

“Stop drinking cold water!” I said. “Only AFTER your workouts should you drink cold water.”

“Why? That’s probably the dumbest thing I’ve heard of in some time.” she exclaimed.

“Cold water can cause muscle contraction, and the rapid change of internal body temperature can actually jeopardize the beginning of your workouts,” I told her. “Every time you have had issues, I see you holding a bottle of cold water.”

“Start drinking warm water before any exerting activity. It’s an old chinese medicinal practice that actually has scientific backing behind it.” I hastily prepared my next words, “The heat improves digestion, detoxifies your body, relieves nasal congestion, and even combats pain!” I reassured.

Sure enough, after hearing me blabble on about warm water, she gave it a shot. Just one single bottle of warm water before her exercises, and she never experienced that awful pain at the gym again.

Sometimes the smallest of changes can make the biggest difference. Not to mention everything your led to believe, might not necessarily be true. With desire for change, and a simple action- Cari was able to feel great with all her different routines, and even joggs next to me on the treadmill now!

Turn the faucet of your life around.


Greg Haullen

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