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“Mommy, why are you so much bigger than Aunt Jamie?” my daughter asked.
Nothing has ever felt so painful in my life, because I know how honest and pure children are. I can’t even play with my little girl at the park, because I was sweating, and out of breath within minutes.

My family has been making sly comments about my weight for years now, and I haven’t felt happy in so long. Luckily, my fellow co-worker said he knew a way that he could help me lose weight that was effective, and has worked on many others in my same situation. And after hearing my daughter ask why I was bigger than my sister, I knew I had to lose weight- fast.

I was sick of feeling disgusted with myself, and truly wanted to make a change. However, I was running into serious problems. How was I supposed to lose weight with two kids and a fulltime job? I could barely afford a sitter for the hours I needed my kids watched, and I didn’t have time to go to the gym. I had tried diets in the past, just to see no results. I was out of hope, and was almost out of time.

As a 3rd grade school teacher, and 39 year old woman, I have knowledge of what healthy foods I should eat. The issue that I wasn’t aware of is, everything they teach you about health and wellness in school is wrong. People can lose weight by eating only fats, and even during full workouts and diets you can gain weight. It’s all about your fat cells, which I came to find this uncommon information out from my co-worker Brian.

He introduced me to a video on Ultra Omega Burn, which discussed how fat cells communicate with our body, and the process of activating your fat cells to be consumed as energy. The reason my diets, activities, and lifestyle weren’t helping me lose weight- was because my fat cells were dormant and unresponsive. All of my stress was releasing hormones that actually damaged the communicating receptors of my fat cells. Ultra Omega Burn contains Palamotoric acid, which helps heal and restore communication with fat cells throughout the body, and causes the fat cells to be consumed as energy.

After receiving this information I wish I had 9 years ago, I quickly tried my first month of Ultra Omega Burn. Within my first week, I had lost 7lbs taking Omega Burn! Words alone cannot express how ecstatic I was to see my body lose weight, for the first time in almost a decade. I was energetic, and waking up every morning rushing to the mirror with excitement- rather than disappointment.

Aside from the amazing journey I had taking Omega Burn, nothing beat the look on my sisters face last Christmas, when she saw I had lost 40 pounds since we last met! She felt horrible for the comments she made in the past and was baffled at how I saw such great results, so quickly. Hearing my daughter say each day, “Momma, you look so pretty!” has been the most beautiful change of my life. If you’re reading this because you want to see change just like I did- try something like Ultra Omega Burn that has factual, scientific evidence of weight loss, and won’t consume your time giving it a shot. It is possible to lose weight, I promise!

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