Keto Empanada

Naturally, many of the people in our office are living the Keto Diet life. I stumbled across this Keto Hangover cure, just in time for summer. It has already saved me from tempting drink options at BBQs 4 times, and counting!

Zucchini Noodle Alfredo

Want to try something different and fun for dinner? You have to try this unique Alfredo dish! Its the perfect thing to try when you want to spice up your Keto lifestyle!   Who doesn’t LOVE three cheeses, oregano, garlic, basil all wrapped up in delicious Zucchini noodles?!   Share on facebook […]

Loaded Jalapeno Burger

Burgers are totally acceptable on Keto, but many of our readers asked how they could spice them up while remaining Keto. Well… We took that literally! Here is our recipe for a spicy burger.

Keto Chili Recipe

One thing that needs to happen when you make chili is to slow cook the heck out of it. Now you don’t have to do this, you can cook it a lot more quickly because we aren’t going to use any beans….but….one of the things about chili is the smell and […]

Spicy Egg Curry

The first spice that comes to mind with Indian food is curry. Yet that isn’t all you are going to need: garam masala and turmeric are also staples of that region of the world.


The combinations of how cheese and eggs work together is just something out of a fairy tale, and for a keto diet, learning how to make simple but delicious meals is very important.

Pepperoni Pizza Muffins

Zucchini is great for baking. It really is a great ingredient to add to make whatever you are baking nice and moist. (Apologies if you aren’t a fan of that word) Muffins are great because once you get everything all mixed up, you just drop it in a muffin tin […]

Savory Nachos

The Queso Sauce On These Nachos Really Does Taste Amazing, And Will Probably Be The Number One Reason Why You Keep Coming Back To This Snack Over And Over Again!