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Peppermint Fat Bombs

Need a new fat Bomb recipe to spice up your Keto lifestyle during the holiday season? if so, you have to try these amazing Peppermint Chocolate Fat Bombs! With 21.1 grams of fat and only 10 minutes in total to make, these are just the thing to get you through […]

Chocolate Peppermint Cocktail

So we all know how hard it is to stay on track in the Keto lifestyle on a Saturday night..  But with this cocktail you’ll not only stay on track but you will have a new and healthier cocktail recipe to show off to your friends! If you’re a sucker […]

Keto Donut Holes

Does Susan keep sabotaging your diet by bringing donuts into the office? Conquer your cravings by whipping up these Keto friendly donut holes! If you’re a sucker for pastry deserts and making your co-workers jealous then this is a recipe for you. With only a few simple ingredients and 30 […]